Be Timely

Every newsroom relies on the idea of being timely. It is important to give your audience material that is up to date and not outdated.

Spring Break was fast approaching and at KTSW 89.9 we were scheduling a Spring Break themed specialty show.

We wanted to give our listeners some stories that they potentially had never heard about.

Photo courtesy of School Fuel San Marcos

As my reporters and I were researching and tossing ideas around I came across this organization called School Fuel San Marcos.

They provide San Marcos school children with food on weekends throughout the school year. However, they were going to be doing an additional project for Spring Break, so I thought it would be an interesting story idea to cover for our show.

I immediately found a phone number on their website and got in contact with the President of the organization and produced a radio story for KTSW 89.9 and a web based story for VoiceBox Media and we made sure the story was aired and blogged before Spring Break began, so that it was timely.



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